Sunday, September 4, 2011

You can't do this to me, Derek.

    No. I refuse to belive it. Fletcher Renn, the guy I always loved, despite his baffling hair. He can't brake up with Valkyrie. He can't. He's going to just have to suck it up, and stick with her, because I will cry if he doesn't. And the worst bit is, the brake up is in the beginning of the damn book. It's as if Derek Landy is trying to torture me, making me read the book sans Fletcher, but plus Cealen.
   Cealen?! Really?!
    Let's talk about Cealen. Hes a creeper! I mean, what does Valkyrie see in him?! Is it looks? Is it the mystery? He's like a rubbishy version of Edward Cullen. I'm very upset with Derek Landy right now. He's picking everyone off! Tanith is gone, Kenspeckles gone, Ghastly isn't seen that much, and now FLETCHER?! Derek, I love ya, and I'd die if you weren't around, but I'm very upset with you. Fletcher was so great to Valkyrie....everyone treated him a bit rudely, I must admit. But I loved him, he was one of my favorite characters. So was Kenspeckle. Grrr....
     *Deep breath* OK.
     I'm going crazy. Death Bringer still hasn't come to my doorstep, and that does not help me in the slightest. My father and his girlfriend are getting on my last nerves. I love my dad. I'd be lying heavily if I said I didn't. Now his girlfriend, thats a different story.
     Were exact opposites. She lives in a world full of rainbows and unicorns, her favorite colour is pink, and she loves country music. It had to be country music. She's 10 years younger than my father, and she pouts when she doesn't get what she wants, which is rare. When shes around my dad, I know i'm in for a horrible day. Her hearts in the right place but.......Lets just say whover came up with the saying "opposites attract" is a pathetic, deeply misinformed fool.
    Today was bad. I was not made for walking. I was made for sitting, sleeping, and being lazy. That, is me. Lets not even mention how my father and his girlfriend are exact opposites.....Anyway. I had to walk around all day today, and go to the beach. I.hate.beaches. The sun, the water, the itchy sand....

                       If you'll excuse me, I have to curl up in a ball and cry about Death Bringer. Cheers.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Titles? What are Titles!?

   Okiedokie, everyone! ~grins~ Oh this is going to be fun....
        Anywho, this is kind of going to be my journal. Except, I'm writing to an audience, and its on the computer, and things of that sort. So, if you're looking for action-packed adventure, witty humour, valiant stories, amazing tales, and other, then.....Just keep reading anyways.
 Let's give this a shot. I've never kept up with writing in any other journals, 'cause I just got bored and to lazy to keep writing in it. But, I'm hoping maybe this one will work. Of course, there will be no juicy secrets (like I have any) on here, because;
 1: You people could be sychos
 2: Last time I had a journal, my father read it. So dad, if you're reading this....In your face.

  Ahem. So, basically, I am going to try and write in here the best I can, and I would appreciate your kind comments, or opinions, however rare they are.