Saturday, September 3, 2011

Titles? What are Titles!?

   Okiedokie, everyone! ~grins~ Oh this is going to be fun....
        Anywho, this is kind of going to be my journal. Except, I'm writing to an audience, and its on the computer, and things of that sort. So, if you're looking for action-packed adventure, witty humour, valiant stories, amazing tales, and other, then.....Just keep reading anyways.
 Let's give this a shot. I've never kept up with writing in any other journals, 'cause I just got bored and to lazy to keep writing in it. But, I'm hoping maybe this one will work. Of course, there will be no juicy secrets (like I have any) on here, because;
 1: You people could be sychos
 2: Last time I had a journal, my father read it. So dad, if you're reading this....In your face.

  Ahem. So, basically, I am going to try and write in here the best I can, and I would appreciate your kind comments, or opinions, however rare they are.

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